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Deeds are legally binding documents used to formalise various transactions and declarations. A Change of Name Deed is employed to legally change a person's name, allowing them to declare the relinquishment of a former name and adopt a new one. These deeds serve as vital proof for many organisations, including banks, the passport office, and the DVLA, to accept the name change.

We can also assist with conveyancing declarations, such as TR1 forms, which are essential in property transactions.

A Declaration Deed, on the other hand, can be used in several circumstances, such as when an original Change of Name Deed has been lost. It allows individuals to retrospectively declare and provide evidence of using their 'new name' since a certain point in time.

This is particularly helpful for transgender clients applying for a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC), and we are pleased to offer assistance with signing the T451, T456, T457, or T469 declarations. If preferred, a discreet contact option via email at is available for further support.

Although individuals can create their own Deed Poll to change their name, some financial institutions and government organizations require an Enrolled Deed Poll before accepting the name change. Enrolled Deed Polls must have specific wording accepted by the courts, prompting some individuals to seek assistance from a Solicitor or Chartered Legal Executive. Additionally, to enroll a Deed Poll, individuals need to be 18, or if under 18, both parents must sign on their behalf.

Seeking professional legal advice for creating and enrolling Deed Polls ensures that the process adheres to legal requirements and allows individuals to manage their name change effectively, avoiding potential complications with various institutions and organisations.

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