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Our experienced team offers a comprehensive service for Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Probate (Administration of Estates), Trusts and Court of Protection.

We offer a Will drafting service which enables you to plan how you would like your assets to be distributed, it is important to remember that Wills are not just for the elderly, it is strongly advised all adults make a Will in case the worst should happen. You may also be able to minimise any future tax liability.

We are always willing to help with any legal practical matters that need attending to after a death and will agree a plan of action with you from the start. Whether that is simply to obtain Probate or deal fully with the administration of the estate, we are happy to help.

Our Wills and probate team is encompassed in our Private Client Department, please click below to learn more.

Agan para meur y brevyans a brof gonis olldalghus rag Kemynskrifow, Gallosow Atorney Fast, Probeyt (Menystrans Estatow), Fydhyansow ha'n Lys a Dhifresyans.

Ofer a'n gwas yn skrifa Vednans a'n boes yw hwi a grysi plegya poynt moy a wrewgh dyffransya gans agan assetyow, yth yw gwir dhyworth goynt gwrys Vednans hebma, yth yw kessellweyth yn kylm esel dres den vos a'n fyllas an kethow. Y hwra yw dhyskans bras yn gwrys Vednans dh'agan holl tus, yn mar pleg yw dhe vos an gworst a'n bos. Yth yw eus bos gwrys dha dhyskans a re strikys a-dheu.

Bodhek on pupprys dhe ri gweres gans materyow hewul laghel yw res aga dyghtya wosa mernans, ha ni a wra akordya genowgh towl gwrians dhyworth an dalleth. Mars yw henna yn sempel dhe gavos Probeyt po dhe dhyghtya menystrans an estat yn tien, lowen on dhe ri gweres.

Agan Kemynskrifow ha Probeyt (Menystrans Estatow) para ym radn vrassa a agan Kliensow Brivedh para. Klyckyewgh war rag dyski moy

Wills & Trusts

Wills, Codicils & Trusts are essential legal tools for estate planning and asset distribution. A Will serves as a written declaration of a person's wishes for their possessions and dependents after their death. Codicils are used to modify or supplement existing Wills. Trusts allow individuals to set aside assets for beneficiaries, managed by trustees in accordance with the creator's instructions. These mechanisms ensure a smooth and secure transfer of assets according to the individual's desires.

Probate & Estate Management

Probate is the legal process of administering a deceased person's estate, ensuring assets are distributed as per their wishes or the law. Obtaining a 'Grant of Probate' is required before Estate Management can take place. We offer compassionate assistance with Probate applications and can act as Executors, ensuring a fair and transparent pricing approach based solely on time spent on the matter.

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Can't find what you're looking for?

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