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Residential Conveyancing

Residential Conveyanicng
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Anserghek on ha selys yn leel mes ni a wra dyghtya treuswriansow kerthow yn pub le yn Kernow po Pow Sows, hwath mars esowgh orth agan kevarwodha dhyworth Ostrali!

Unigyn, aswonys y hanow, hag yw esel a'gan para statyans meur y brevyans a vydh apoyntys dh'agas mater selys war aga aswonvos a'gas treuswrians; i a vydh kestavadow rag agas kussulya dre vras a-dro dhe'n argerdh mars yw prena kerthow neppyth nowydh ragowgh. Trenyans mayni anhedhek a surha ni dhe witha agas mater ow mos yn-rag yn effeythadow. Agan asran Statyans Anedhel yw sewen yn arbennik. An fordh mayth yw gonisyow statyans proviys dhe brenoryon ha gwerthoryon a bes chanjya yn uskis. Lemmyn, lies person a wra aga hynsa hwithrans rag kerthow warlinen a-der dre fenestri maynoriethow estatow. A-der bos a bris isel ni a grys y ren dhywgh talvosogeth pur dha, yn arbennik kehevelys orth nebes a'n Kowethasow Statyans kresennys kenedhlek. Hwi a wra kavos bos agan gis kowethek ha personek kepar hag ayr pur fresk. Hwi yw person a-der restren. Ni a'gan beus kevrennow da gans maynoriethow estatow yn ranndir Kernow West ha hwi a yll kestava orta rag kavos aga breus a'n gonis a broviyn. Kyn fo usadow meur a Statyans, yma edhom dhywgh a wodhvos y fedhyn ow warya rag kaletterow ha, mar tisplegyons, ni a wra agas gweres yn keskodhevek hag yn effeythadow orth aga dyghtya. Ni a worr poslev arbennik war agas gwitha kedhlys dre worthebi orth galowyow yn uskis ha heb gul dhywgh goslowes orth messajys hir rekordys. Ynwedh ni a wra agas gallosegi dhe removya y'n dedhyas dewisys genowgh a-der y'n dedhyas yw an moyha parys ragon. Rag redya moy a-dro dhe'n gonisyow unnik a brofyn ha nebes Govynnow Menowgh, klyckyewgh an rolyow-kodha po botonyow a-woles.

We are independent and locally based but will deal with property transactions anywhere in Cornwall or England, even if you are instructing us from Australia!

A named individual member of our experienced conveyancing team will be allocated to your matter based on their knowledge of your transaction; they will be contactable to advise you generally on the process if you are new to property buying. Our continued staff training ensures we keep your matter moving efficiently, informing you of progress in clear language & giving you reassurance throughout. Our Residential Conveyancing department is particularly successful, and we expect it to continue to grow and develop. The way in which conveyancing services are provided to buyers and sellers continues to change quickly. Now, many people conduct their preliminary search for properties online rather than through estate agents’ windows. We are not cut-price but believe that we give you very good value, particularly in comparison with some of the centralised Conveyancers, which may be recommended to you by national firms of Estate Agents. You'll find our friendly, personal approach highly refreshing. You are a person, not a file. We have good links with local estate agents in the West Cornwall area and you can approach them for their view on the service we provide. While much of Conveyancing is routine, you need to know that we will be watching out for difficulties and, if they arise, helping you through them sympathetically and efficiently. We place particular emphasis on keeping you informed by taking calls quickly and not making you listen to long recorded messages. If the person handling your matter is not available, they will also return your call as quickly as practicable. We also enable you to move on the date you choose rather than that which is most convenient to us. To read more about the individual services we offer & some FAQs click the dropdowns or buttons below.

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Sales and Purchases (Freehold and Leasehold)

Our Conveyancing Department are experienced in all types of Freehold and Leadehold Sales & Purchases, and are particularly knowledgeable on the particular quirks of Conveyancing in Cornwall

Shared Ownership and Help to Buy Schemes

Shared ownership in the UK refers to a property scheme where a buyer purchases a share of the property and pays rent on the remaining portion, usually offered by housing associations. Residential conveyancing is necessary to handle the legal aspects of shared ownership, ensuring a proper and secure transfer of ownership rights between parties.


Re-mortgaging in the UK refers to the process of switching one's existing mortgage to a new lender or renegotiating the terms with the current lender, often done to secure better interest rates or release equity in residential properties. Residential conveyancing is an essential legal aspect involved in this transaction.

Transfers of Property and Land (Transfer of Equity)

Transfer of equity involves the legal process of transferring ownership of a property or land from one individual to a family member, often as a gift or part of inheritance. This transaction requires residential conveyancing to ensure a smooth and lawful transfer of ownership rights.

Auction Sales and Purchases

We can act for both sellers and prospective buyers at Auctions. Conveyancing involves the legal process of transferring property ownership from seller to buyer after a successful bid at an auction. We ensure that all legal aspects, such as title searches, contract reviews, and necessary documentation, are completed promptly and accurately to facilitate a smooth and secure transaction.

Equity Release

EQUITY RELEASE is a method that allows homeowners over the age of 55 to access otherwise tied-up equity (money) from their property. There are two main ways to achieve this: Lifetime Mortgages and Home Reversion Plans. Both options offer homeowners the opportunity to release funds from their property while retaining the right to live in it.

Conveyancing required under ongoing proceedings (Matrimonial and Probate)

This may occur either if an estate has property that needs to be sold or transferred, or a divorce where the matrimonial homes need to be sold or transferred to one party.

ID1 HMLR Identity Check (Solicitor witness)

We can assit with the witnessing of legal documents such as the HMLR ID1 form which require a Solicitors signature for verification

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If you're struggling to find the information you need, don't hesitate to contact us by the website chat or send us a message and we'll do our best to help

Can't find what you're looking for?

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