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Press the button below to generate our Bank details.

These details are for our Client's bank account. These details should be used for sending monies related to your matter including but not limited to:

  • Monies on account (at the start of your matter we may ask for a deposit of monies on account to ensure we have funds to complete different aspects of your matter)

  • Payments on account of costs (paying your bill)

  • Monies towards purchase (e.g. deposits, search fees etc)

Please ensure the green validation tick displays, this confirms our details are displaying correctly.* 


  • Our bank account details will NOT change during the transaction and any notification that we have done so should be immediately reported to us.


  • If you are a client for whom we are acting on a transaction any funds sent by you must come from your own bank account.  We cannot accept funds from third parties unless by prior arrangement.


  • Any funds transferred into our account must be by way of CHAPS, BACS or FPC payments.  Do NOT take cash into a local branch of Barclays and pay it into our account.


  • Please do not disclose our bank details to any third party without our consent.


  • If you are a firm of solicitors acting on the other side of a transaction then these details are released to you solely to enable you to deal with the transaction.  You have no authority to disclose these details to your client or to any third party.  All funds must be sent through your own client account, as we cannot accept funds directly from your client or any third party.


  • NEVER send funds to any new account that purports to belong to us, other than the one detailed above, without first ringing us and speaking to the relevant fee earner.


  • We will NEVER send you our bank details by email.  If you receive an email from us that includes bank details, please inform us immediately.


  • We will not accept any bank details by email.  If you need to provide us with such details then they must come by hardcopy either through the post or dropped directly into our office.


  • *We will not accept responsibility for any adverse consequences if you transfer money into the wrong account, even if this page verifies the account details nor will we be held responsible for recovering the funds or replacing them in order for your matter to complete.

  • We recommend all client to call us on a number you trust to obtain our bank details 

The details have been re-verified

Details Verified

These details will be checked and verified each time you press the button above, if you still see this message after pressing it again the details are still verified*

Unable to verify details at this time

We're sorry but we are currently unable to display our bank details on this page due to a validation error

The details will be checked each time the page loads so please refresh your browser and try again.

If the details are still unable to verify please contact us via a telephone number you trust to let us know there's an issue.

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