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This may occur either if an estate has property that needs to be sold or transferred, or a divorce where the matrimonial homes need to be sold or transferred to one party.

We can assist with this process even if we have not dealt directly with the estate work. We no longer conduct matrimonial work but accept instructions on transfer and sales.

Where we act in the estate of a deceased person who held property, we can work with the executors to assist in the conveyancing of the property, and this follows the usual sale processes. We will need to have obtained probate before a sale can be commenced but we will work closely with you to keep you informed of progress. Sometimes beneficiaries in estates would rather have the properties transferred to themselves and again we are able to help in this.

When relationships break down and a property has to be either sold or transferred to one party, we can offer help and assistance. Often times a court order will be drawn up detailing exactly what has been agreed and we are able to work with you and third parties to ensure that the details of the order are adhered to.

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