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Complete the form with your details and the amount you wish to pay below, you can use this form to pay any of the following up to a value of 2000.00 GPB.

Click here to read the online payment terms and conditions

  • Monies on account (at the start of your matter we ask for a deposit of monies on account to ensure we have funds to complete different aspects of your matter)

    • For Sales £50.00​

    • For Purchases £500.00

    • All Private Client Services £50.00

  • Payments on account of costs (paying your bill)

    • This will be determined by your invoice or bill of costs.​

  • Search fees (Conveyancing)

    • We may ask for further funds to cover search fees before carrying them out if the cost is higher than usual.

  • Payments for Private Client services (e.g. Probate application fee, Estate property insurance, Funeral Bill)

    • For Probate applications, you will normally need to pay the application fee of £300.00 (non-vatable) PLUS a fee for copies required. Additional copies are charged at £1.50 each and one or two are usually needed taking the average cost to £301.50 or £303.00 respectively.​

For values over 2000.00 GBP, you will need to send this via bank transfer, this can be completed either using your mobile or web banking app, over the telephone to your bank, or in your local bank branch.

In order to make a payment you will need to complete the form below including either your matter number or bill number.

Matter number

Usually, 3-5 digits followed by a / and then 1-2 digits. Sometimes there may be letters before the numbers, it can be found on most paperwork, letters containing our logo.







Bill Number

can be found on your bill of costs/invoice

it is the letter T followed by 5 digits and is below your matter number.

Understanding how much you need to pay

Information on monies due at the start of the matter are detailed at the top of this page, if you are paying your bill of costs/invoice you will need your bill.

Bill of costs (invoice)

On your bill of costs will be an 'INVOICE TOTAL', there may sometimes be a box below this with 'LESS MONIES ALREADY RECEIVED'.

If there is an amount already received then the amount you need to pay using this form is either called 'AMOUNT OUTSTANDING' or 'AMOUNT DUE'.

If there is not an amount already paid then the total you need to pay is the 'INVOICE TOTAL'.

If your bill of costs says 'MONIES DUE TO YOU' you do not need to pay anything and will receive a refund of the stated amount to your bank (this will be sent to the account you authorised us to use at the start of the transaction.

Bill amount.jpg

Can't find what you're looking for?

If you're struggling to find the information you need, don't hesitate to contact us by the website chat or send us a message and we'll do our best to help

Can't find what you're looking for?

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