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Electronic ID Check

Verifying your Identity electronically

Thirdfort are our ID Verification Partner. We have teamed up with them to streamline the process and make it as easy as possible for clients. Their app lets you electronically verify your identity safely and securely removing the inconvenience of sending your documents or attending our office.


To use Thirdfort, you will need your phone/tablet and a valid ID. Thirdfort accepts: passports, driving licences, UK Visa’s & residence permits. You will need to download their app and agree to their Privacy Policy. Under 18s must obtain parental consent to use this route.

First, we need to know some basic information about everyone, please complete the enclosed Client Details Form and return it with your signed paperwork, if you need more copies, you can download them from the bottom of this article.

  • We need a mobile number to send the check to, if you don’t have a mobile you can use a friends or family members with their permission, and they can assist you do the check.

Once returned you will receive a text notification from our ID partner Thirdfort, this may take up to 14 business days but usually arrives within a week.

Thidfort Limited: Hi... Thirdfort Limited has set up a verification check on the Thirdfort App for... (Your matter details)...

Follow the instructions to sign up. It will ask you to confirm your details.


Complete your ID Verification Tasks. Your app home screen will display the tasks you need to complete in order to verify your identity.


Identity check

To help us confirm that you are who you say you are, we ask you to take a photo of your ID and a selfie video. We use this to validate your ID and confirm it belongs to you.


Address check

You will also need to upload two proof of address documents or photos which must contain

                                         i.    Your Name

                                       ii.    Your current /registered address

                                      iii.    Date of issue (less than 90 days ago)

                                      iv.    Logo of issuing entity (see overleaf for acceptable forms of Address ID)

Tasks will disappear from your home screen once finished and Thirdfort will let you know when all of your tasks are complete. If we need further information, we will notify you through the app.

Depending on your transaction type we may ask you to come back to the Thirdfort App to complete some additional checks such as those listed below.

Purchase funds

This questionnaire must be completed when purchasing a property to help your professional understand where the funds being used to buy your property originate from.

Bank check

We use Open Banking technology to retrieve digital statements direct from your bank, this removes the need to collate months of statements for Source of Funds checks later in your transaction – We’ll send you a letter explaining this before sending you the check.

Is Thirdfort safe to use? – Please see the separate Security & Data at Thirdfort article for more information


Help Sheet

Acceptable forms of ID

Acceptable photo ID – Must be in date

Photo card driving license issued by the UK DVLA (We do not accept paper licenses)

Passport (any county)

UK Visa

Only a UK Photocard Driving License OR a Passport issued by ANY country can be used for the electronic verification process. If you do not have either of these, you will need to confirm your ID in-person as detailed HERE.

Address ID - Must be dated in the last 90 days and contain clients name, address & logo or name of issuing entity

Bank Statement/Credit Statement

Utility Bill (Gas/Water/Electric/TV/Broadband)

Council Tax letter

HMRC, DWP, or other local authority/government department

If you receive paperless statements, we can accept downloaded and printed copies

I Have no Valid Photo ID

If you have an old Photo ID document which expired less than 12 months ago but the details are all correct this can be provided but we will require an explanation as to why the document has not been renewed.

 Clients in Care homes

For clients in care homes who do not have any form of Photo ID we can accept a signed letter from the manager of the care home confirming the resident’s identity and residence, this could also be backed up from a letter by their GP or other medial professional.

Elderly Clients

For elderly clients who do not have any form of Photo ID we can accept a signed letter from their GP, other medical professional, or Bank Branch Manager confirming their identity and/or address.

Under 18s

Many schools and colleges have discount codes and partnerships with Citizen Card meaning you can get a free Photo ID even if you don’t have any other Photo ID to prove your identity, see the I Have no Photo ID section above.

I have no Address ID

If you receive paperless bills and statements, we can accept digital copies via our electronic ID Verification route.


Client Basic details 1-4
Download PDF • 709KB

Client Basic details 5-8
Download PDF • 705KB

FCA regulated

Thirdfort is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority and adheres to European data protection laws.

ICO Registered

We (Thirdfort) are registered with the Information Commissioner's Office under the Data Protection Act. Our registration number is A8225019.

Bank-Grade Encryption

Thirdfort uses state of the art security measures, including end-to-end 256-bit TLS encryption used by all major banks to encrypt your data.

Cyber Essentials.png

Cyber Essentials Plus

We (Thirdfort) are certified by the UK government cyber security accreditation scheme, Cyber Essentials Plus, who conduct an annual audit on our systems and processes.

GDPR Compliant

We comply with the Data Protection Act 2018 and protect your data under EU law.

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