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Redruth office

NOTORYON THURSTAN HOSKIN yw kowethas lagha anserghek re beu rann a dirwedh laghel Kernow dres ogas ha hanter kansbledhen. Agan sodhva jif yn Resrudh a veu fondyes yn 1979, desedhys yn parys ogas dhe gres an dre, an gorsav ha’n A30. Ni a’gan beus ynwedh sodhvaow yn Breanek ha Heyl. Fondyer an kowethas, Thurstan Hoskin, a veu genys ha megys y’n dhuketh ha gothus on a’gan gwreydh kernewek. Ni a ober a-barth kliensow selys a-dreus oll an dhuketh, dres an Tamar ha tramor maga ta.

A-dhia omdennans Thurstan Hoskin, Barbara Archer ha Stephen Morrison re besyas gans ethos an kowethas ha medrys yns orth gwitha ha displegya kolonnen an kowethas. Agan sodhva yn Heyl a ygoras mis Meurth 2019, ha’gan towl yw dri an keth dyghtyans kliens-fogellys dhe wonisyow laghel hag yw proviys genen yn Resrudh ha Breanek dhe gliensow ha koth ha nowydh yn Heyl. Ni a brof feow stag rag lies gonis, ha’gan amkan a vydh pupprys provia kussul gler ha heweres.

THURSTAN HOSKIN SOLICITORS is an independent law firm which has been part of the Cornish legal landscape for nearly half a century. Our main office in Redruth was established in 1979, conveniently sited close to the town centre, the railway station and the A30. We also have offices in St Agnes and Hayle. The founder of the firm, Thurstan Hoskin, was born and raised in the county and we take pride in our Cornish roots. We act for clients based across the length and breadth of the county, ‘up country’ as well as abroad.

Since Thurstan Hoskin’s retirement Barbara Archer and Stephen Morrison have continued with the firm’s ethos and aim to preserve and develop the firm's core principles which are good value, good advice, good communications, respect, and reassurance. We try to foresee, forewarn, prepare, react, and solve when unexpected issues arise. Our Hayle office opened in March 2019 and we are looking to bring the same client-focused approach to legal services that we provide in Redruth and St Agnes to clients both old and new in Hayle. We are very mindful that former clients of Furse Sanders have been left in a state of uncertainty following the closure of that firm and we will endeavour to help any of those clients either recover their original deeds or wills at no cost or provide advice on replacing those documents or creating brand new wills. We offer fixed fees for several services, and we will always look to provide clear and helpful advice.

Stephen Morrison

Partner & Head of Conveyancing


Louise Deere

Head of Private Client


Barbara Archer

Partner & Practice Manager

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