Our General Business Policy on Standards of our Services

1. Competence

  • All work is carried out by persons working in that particular field to whom we give continuous training.


2. Price

  • We offer good value and will keep you fully informed on costs, where practicable agreeing estimates with you at the outset. We aim to relate the cost fairly to the importance, urgency and difficulty of the matter; the qualifications or experience of the people carrying out the work; and any professional risks involved.
  • Our hourly rates do vary but for example, in business matters it ranges from £160-£195 per hour depending on the urgency, importance and complexity.
  • We no longer take on Legal Aid clients. It has not been available for divorces since April 2013. We try to make allowance for persons who would otherwise have been eligible.


3. Communications

  • We will be friendly and accessible.
  • We aim to answer telephones before they ring four times even if we then have to ask you to hold because several are ringing at once. Meanwhile we will not play pop music.
  • We will return telephone calls within one working day but usually on the same day.
  • We will write to you in language you understand.
  • We will provide adequate cover if the person dealing with you is absent.
  • We will keep you informed on the progress of your affairs.
  • We cannot make your decisions for you but we aim to advise you in such a way that you feel comfortable making your own decisions.


4. Flexibility

  • We will adapt our methods to you as far as practicable e.g. we realise that a first time buyer needs more explanation and time than someone who frequently buys and sells property or is very experienced in business transactions.


5. Practicality and Effectiveness

  • We aim at practical solutions. E.g. you probably do not want a 36 page lease for a small lock-up shop; we explore alternatives to litigation (but once litigation becomes necessary to pursue it with rigour). The law is a framework for solutions, not a trap.


6. Time

  • Even matters of the same type may vary greatly in cost, speed and complexity. We will move quickly and give you our best estimates of time scale.